Regulatory Science Video Series

Regulatory Science Video Series
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Frances Richmond PhD and Director of the USC Regulatory Science program narrates a new video series aimed at introducing your organization to regulatory affairs, clinical research and quality systems. Our series combines the information you need with beautiful cinematography, online support and some comedy to keep things interesting!

This video- the first in our series- addresses three critical areas of Regulatory Science: Video 1: Quality Systems Regulations An introduction to terms and approaches used to manage quality assurance, documentation, design controls and other key topics

Video 2: Laboratory Notebooks The importance of proper lab notebook maintenance is critical to maintaining legal and ethical standards in your organization

Video 3: Good Laboratory Practices Should you develop your own GLP lab? What standards and practices need to be followed? This video provides a great overview of the standards that will need to be met.

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Regulatory Science Series I: Introduction to Quality Systems: From Research Laboratory to Production Line